Youth Leadership Program

Youth Leadership Program

Youth Leadership Program

The word “Leadership” frequently appears in modern society. Be it a child applying for school, a student applying for work, or an adult developing his or herself in society, one’s leadership ability is constantly being challenged and evaluated.

But what is leadership?

the action of leading a group of people or an organization
(Oxford Dictionaries)

A leader must . . .

L – Loyalty: at first be loyal to his or herself

E – Empathy: understand the people and events around his or herself, and see problems from others’ perspectives

A – Accountability: be dependable, trustworthy

D – Duty: be responsible, accomplishing his/her duties

E – Energy and Encouragement: inspire others and give out positive energy

R – Respect: have respect for others no matter their position or title, and have respect for his/her own achievements

S – Selflessness: move away from self-centredness and focus on others and the core of events

H – Humility: humble his or herself no matter what the achievements, in order to lead farther, broader

I – Innovation: be constantly creative and progressive, leading the society forward

P – Passion and Pride: have passion and pride for life, work, and studies

CYES Youth Leadership Program

As our society has recognized the importance of leadership, we should also acknowledge the importance of leadership development in our children’s education.

Therefore, in 2018, The Canada Youth Education Society launched the Youth Leadership Program. Designed for youths aged 12 – 18 to cultivate leadership skills in all aspects, the program focuses on the human and on strengthening skills that can be used in all facets of life. We aim to mark a milestone in youths’ journey towards success!

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The CYES Youth Leadership Program focuses on 6 aspects in youths’ lives to help them find their niche in school and in society. We help them cultivate leadership skills, broaden their horizons, see their future.

  1. Charity: Program participants attend one charity event held by our organization.

  2. Speak with a Leader: Attending one “Speak with a CEO” event and hold a one-on-one conversation with a local CEO. Before the meeting, the participant must prepare interview questions and do research on the CEO’s viewpoints and experiences.

  3. Volunteer: The participant must join a community volunteer event. CYES regularly holds relevant events with local companies.

  4. Develop an Interest: Participate in music, art, sports, science, or other relevant community events, including contests and exhibitions.

  5. Explore Nature: Participants aged 12 – 14 follow a guide and explore nature on a single-day trip. Those aged 15 – 18 participate in a camping trip of at least 2 days and 1 night.

  6. Express Oneself: The participant will compete in the 2nd Canada International Youth Public Speaking Contest and vie for a place in the semi-finals.

Why join the Youth Leadership Program?

  • Strengthening leadership skills can inspire and empower one’s decisions in life.

  • Students and their parents can receive first-hand notifications of new events, and be the first people to register for activities and workshops.

  • CYES holds regular events, allowing students and their families to interact and share experiences, expediting students’ development.

Registration open until November 30, 2018.
Interested? Register now!