Canada Youth Education Society

Canada Youth Education Society

Canada Youth Education Society

Canada Youth Education Society (CYES) is a non-profit organization that serves youths and families within the Chinese community. Our mission is to provide our students with the environment to develop not only their academic strengths, but also their social and mental well-being. We hold regular workshops, including volunteer training, anti-bullying, Know about Drugs, disaster preparedness, etc. We are also the supporter of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Members and Partners


Elaine Qin
Founder and CEO


Anita Sun
Marketing & Event Planning

Lahoo LEO Club

APASS Education Group

APASS Education Group

Thank you to all organizations who have supported us!

2019 Canada Youth Public Speaking Contest

Registration open!

Registration Period: Jun. 24 – Oct. 1, 2019

Vancouver Semi-Finals: Nov. 3, 2019

Final Contest: Nov. 9, 2019 @ Royal Bank Cinema, Chan Center, UBC

The Canada International Youth Public Speaking Contest emphasizes youth leadership and communication skills, empowering young individuals to achieve greater confidence in future growth. Started as a platform for Chinese-Canadian youths to express themselves and be heard, our contest has motivated many students to develop skill sets in effective communication and leadership integrity. This year, we are expanding our contest to all regions of North America, including Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Open to youths aged 8-17 of all nationalities, the 2019 Canada International Youth Public Speaking Contest is here to help every contestant achieve their personal best.

Event Website

Lions International “Journey of Peace” Poster Design Contest

Inviting youths to participate!

Submission Deadline: Oct. 7-12, 2019

#230-1818 W Broadway, Vancouver
#300-4940 No. 3 Rd., Richmond

Evaluation: Oct. 14 – Nov. 1, 2019

In addition to a winning poster, which will be submitted to the regional contest, the jury will also select 80-100 posters to participate in Lahoo Lions Club’s silent auction on Nov. 22 at the Vancouver Playhouse.

Event Poster

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Our Mission: To Challenge Ourselves

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was established in 1956 by Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The aim of this program is to motivate youths in personal growth and leadership development. Youths aged between 14 and 25 are encouraged to participate in community service, adventurous journeys, skill development, and physical recreation. Through these activities, not only do they contribute to society, they also progress in leadership, physical strength, spirit, and willpower.

Youths who stand out in each section are awarded according to their age, receiving Bronze (age 14+), Silver (age 15+), and Gold (age 16+) medals.

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Youth Leadership Program

As our society has recognized the importance of leadership, we should also acknowledge the importance of leadership development in our children’s education.
Therefore, in 2018, The Canada Youth Education Society launched the Youth Leadership Program. Designed for youths aged 12 – 18 to cultivate leadership skills in all aspects, the program focuses on the human and on strengthening skills that can be used in all facets of life. We aim to mark a milestone in youths’ journey towards success!

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Youth Buddy Program

This program assigns a one-on-one partnership between older student volunteers who have been in Canada for a longer period of time (the Mentor) with a younger, newly arrived international student (the Buddy). The Mentor’s mission is to assist the Buddy in his/her life and studies, as well as participate in events held by schools and community organizations. The Mentor also has the responsibility to help the Buddy attend extra-curricular organizations in order to accustom the Buddy in this new environment.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering provides excellent chance to meet people and to engage in communities. Volunteers serve many very different roles in many organizations. Finding the right opportunity for you can take patience and time. CYES offers numerous volunteer opportunities for those passionate about community involvement.

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Workshops and Events

The CYES regularly holds workshops, contributes to community events, and selects appropriate tasks for group volunteer activities.

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