Workshops and Events

Workshops and Events

Workshops and Events

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Candidates attending the LEAD 2016 Charity Summer Camp

What changed these nine Chinese-Canadian youths in Vancouver?

Since the end of 2015, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award mentor Dr. Elaine Qin has widely promoted the program in Vancouver, Richmond, White Rock, and West Vancouver, receiving great interest from parents. Within a year, 60 youth participants have joined this program in order to develop their mental and physical health, as well as to shape their personalities. Elaine’s Canada Youth Education Society and Lahoo LEO Club have contributed much in terms of time, effort, and resources.

In Spring of 2016, when Elaine was notified of the Award Headquarter’s plans for a large summer camp, she encouraged nine Chinese-Canadian youths (including Canadian citizens, immigrants, and international students) to attend August LEAD 2016 in Manitoba. Upon returning to Vancouver, these nine youths shared their memories, gratitude, and passion. They hadn’t thought that attending a nine-day summer camp would create a new milestone: This was the first time that a large group of Chinese immigrants attended a LEAD camp! CYES is extremely proud of the youths, and has held a gathering for them to share what they had learned, so that more youths and their families can understand the value of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award!

The CYES regularly holds workshops, contributes to community events, and selects appropriate tasks for group volunteer activities.

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