Youth Buddy Program

Youth Buddy Program

Youth Buddy Program

Another great volunteer opportunity — Become a mentor in our Youth Buddy Program!

The Canada Youth Education Society in honoured to launch the Youth Buddy Program for youths aged 13 to 18. Not only does this program provide more opportunities for volunteers to develop leadership skills, it offers great support for international students and new immigrants.

What is the Buddy Program?
It assigns a one-on-one partnership between older student volunteers who have been in Canada for a longer period of time (the Mentor) with a younger, newly arrived international student (the Buddy). The Mentor’s mission is to assist the Buddy in his/her life and studies, as well as participate in events held by schools and community organizations. The Mentor also has the responsibility to help the Buddy attend extra-curricular organizations in order to accustom the Buddy in this new environment.

The Buddy has come to this new country, enrolled in a new school, and encountered a new language. All these factors may contribute to his/her inability to adapt, and could cause culture shock, impacting his/her learning potentials. Under these circumstances, a mentor who is already familiar with the Canadian environment can be invaluable, helping the Buddy more speedily grasp the ins and outs of learning in a western country. Through the effort they make to help their Buddies, the Mentors themselves can train their sense of responsibility and leadership. After the Mentors complete the program, CYES will also award them with a volunteer certificate.

How the Buddy Program Works

  1. CYES assigns a Mentor to a Buddy

  2. Each partnership lasts for 13 weeks

  3. The Mentor and Buddy meet at school once a week

  4. If the Mentor and Buddy decide to meet at a public location, such as the community centre or library, the guardians of both parties must be notified of the meeting

  5. Both the Mentor and Buddy must keep a record of the meetings

How to register to be a Mentor

  1. You must have studied in the Canadian education system for over 1 year

  2. You must be at least 14 years of age

  3. Provide a reference letter from your school consultant or teacher

  4. Submit a completed registration form to CYES

How to register to be a Buddy

  1. You have not yet studied in the Canadian education system for over 1 year

  2. You guardian must sign a waiver and liability form

  3. Submit a completed registration form to CYES

To register, call

(604) 295-4098